Tuesday, May 5, 2009

on being, and being with, a —

jameson and bacardi . . . not a good combo! I can not hold my liquor. WHY did I take that shot? total peer pressured, already too tipsy to think it through moment. one of the many ways in which I am a pussy. at least i had the mind to puke a portion of it up before the trip home.

now, I don't use this word in a derogatory fashion too often, because I love my pussy. It's fantastic. But, what do I do about someone who is, ya know, kinda being one? A wimp, a not-macho-enough-even-by-my-embarrassingly-low-standards young gentleman? I call this fellow young, when he is in fact older than I. But never married, no kids, never even lived with someone or thought about engagement? As my dearest Jameson&Soda slurping whore said last night, "Every time you say that he's nice I wanna punch him in the face!"

I told him to buy me a dress and he got me a souvenir magnet. Last night I asked for a motorcycle, or a Vespa, but I don't think he'll deliver.

  • The plan for Thursday, is that I get divorced and get my real last name back. That's awesome, right? I've been using it since the start of the school year . . . it'll feel good for it to be furreal though.
  • Thank you, David, at the Clark/Lake Starbucks, for giving me the worst free coffee of my life. i was a hot mess and you let me in after close. put the $5 tip toward some sexy sunglasses.
  • must.sober.up.before.work.
  • planting (metaphorical and non-) seeds with students this afternoon.
  • I think I'd be awesome at racquetball.


  1. I think that if you have one, you can't be one.

    No, wait that doesn't work because I can be both a dick and an asshole.

    Ok, you're a pussy for not holding that combination of alcohol.

  2. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. I can't hold my liquor either!

  3. Misty, shouldn't I be thinking of YOU tomorrow? It'll happen soon, soon soon! Baby T and I might share a birthday of sorts.

  4. Hey K - I think women are way braver and more courageous then men. That is why it really pisses me off to hear someone say "Damn, that took balls/was ballsy" etc. I mean, we push (or in some cases have cut out) rather large objects out of our bodies after nurturing and physically carrying them for 9+ months. THAT is courage. THAT is brave. So I really think if you have serious courage you have OVUM. Really. Balls, so delicate, hanging out there in the wind - unprotected for everyone to see and kick both physically and metaphorically. So to call someone a pussy for being a wuss seems a little, well, WRONG to me.

  5. how did the whole shebang go down, my friend? With relative ease?

  6. MM: I am still processing that.

    my email update my bff Ollie was this:
    "Subject: C'est fini.
    Sent: On Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 11:55 AM. Message: I teared up and my face was at once hot and chilly."

  7. CM: yeah, I get your point, read your post. Thanks for the insight.