Monday, April 20, 2009

good feelings

I fell into a fresh start. never meant to feel this good on a Monday morning. that's part of the charm. today is a big day. and I am unafraid.

Friday, April 17, 2009

teach me to spit

teach me to spit
skip stones and shit

seem to not care
take the tough dare

big brother
come home from school early

cherish my innocence
scratch my itch

i love you i love you
but you can't really know me

yet, or ever?

Monday, April 13, 2009

be a good little non-materialistic non-traditional feminist

and don't ask for anything beyond the state mandated 28% of your ex's income for child support.

I don't think so! May 7th is so close and yet so far away.

I was telling José the gardener, who presently has his own marital and legal problems, La cosa mas importante de la vida es amor amor amor. Mi esposo, el no cree en l'amor sin condiciones. No quiere a luchar ahora, y a beneficiar tarde, en la futura.
--Tu esposo no regresso?? (incredulously)
--No. he's done.
--I know, right!? No quiere essayer. No entiende que en eso momento, Hay mucho estresso, mucho trabaja con los hijos . ..
--Es la verdad, Catalina. Lo se. Puedes prestarme con un numero de Social Security?
--No, lo siento. pero tienes un bueno Pasqual con sus ninos!

and now you know why Dora begs me to not speak Spanish to her!

Going bowling tonight if I get our taxes done after school. What a treat! Have to find just the right ass-pants for it (for tax-time. Bowling pants are easy to choose).

Friday, April 10, 2009


When you are talking to someone on Thursday, and you already have plans for Saturday with said person . . . are you not supposed to ask what they're doing on Friday night?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clearest Clear Midnight Ever

I love this site, its concept; it will change the way I teach poetry.

I know, back to work, K.

Misson Failed, and yet, I am accomplished.

I did practically nothing on that Spring Break list. I did a lot of other equally inspiring, relaxing and enjoyable things, though. I:
  • Bought a lot of clothes.
  • Checked my phone obsessively less often than I'd expected.
  • Earned a certificate and a sticker in a self-designed program.
  • Continued my tradition of making friends everywhere I go.
  • Made a list of music to explore.
  • Ate at Monty's with my sweet sweet baby.

I certainly did walk as much or more than I had set out to do, and I am feeling it in the shins! Can't wait for some of Ollie's pics from the weekend. She is the resident photog.

Also learned that the pics of me passing out during the musical interlude of Ollie's nuptials exist in J's files someplace. YAY! While the other photog, K, said she stopped shooting right away. I love them both for their choices. J was like, "I am NOT missing this. This must be documented." and K was like, "Oh, that's embarrassing, I wouldn't want my picture taken if I was passing out." Please remember to give the word out the Wisconsin oa sound, like how we normal persons say "oat."

Confession: I totally said, "you're about to make the biggest mistake of your life" to a girl on her bachelorette night by the Dane.

Confession: I smoked/shared a pack of cigs in 2 days.

Self-congratulatory moment: I totally paid for a book that I had slipped into my bag for the sake of consolidation whilst trying on clothing at urban.

Confession: I was not all there when I got back to work on Monday.

Here it is now on Tuesday, and I am ready to roll. We are going to hit the Walt Whitman hard this afternoon. One of my students wrote this totally transcendent piece yesterday, and it was such the teachable moment. Gotta get her into some American Lit now. Her parents are conservatice, would most likely prefer she read Blake, which has its merits, of course. and, it can be "out there" at times. hmm . .. . maybe I'll do that too on Thursday.

I am saving the Solar System for after Easter. This week we'll just do a little writing and talking about Earth and Sky in general.

I am still so grateful to be a mom, a teacher, and, as one fellow hosteller put it, "a funky mom." Got told I look 25 years old again, too! Is that some kind of a pickup line or what?

Off to peruse Leaves of Grass once again . . .